Do I Need a Certain Type of Attorney if I’ve Been Hit by an 18-Wheeler?

Do I Need a Certain Type of Attorney If I've Been Hit by an 18-Wheeler?Some of the worst accidents imaginable involve 18-wheelers. They’re thousands of pounds and moving at high rates of speed, so when negligence happens, the results are catastrophic. Many people are killed or severely injured due to 18-wheeler accidents. The resulting consequences are extremely expensive, both regarding financial and emotional damages. You need an attorney who has specific experience in truck accidents to assist you. Attorney Todd Durham is ready to hear the facts of your case and help navigate you through the legal process, one step at a time.

Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents are much different from car accidents. The driver or a much larger company may own the vehicle involved in the crash. 18-wheeler parts can be purchased, installed, and maintained by a different company who could be liable. You need an attorney who understands the trucking industry at large so you can make sure to name the proper parties in your lawsuit.

How to Find a Truck Accident Attorney

Finding a truck accident attorney can be difficult, as it is a particular experience set. Todd Durham knows exactly how to handle your 18-wheeler accident claim. He has helped countless clients get the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and get back to their daily life. The first step in hiring a truck accident attorney is to call (214) 222-4000 and schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting you will discuss the facts in your case, show any documents you have received from the trucking company or driver, and ask questions you may have. Todd Durham will review the facts and give you advice on how to move forward.

If you have questions about your 18-wheeler accident, don’t hesitate to call Todd Durham at (214) 222-4000. We can schedule your no-obligation, free consultation right away.

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