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There is no doubt that many injuries and deaths while on a construction site are accidents, the majority of construction work accidents are preventable. Most worker injuries are a direct result of carelessness, lack of training, or an unsafe workplace. Throughout the entire country, construction accidents have actually been falling annually. Unfortunately, they’re on the rise in Texas.

Texas Statistics

In 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics examined the construction industry and reported 493 fatal injuries in Texas. This figure represents a decline of eight percent over recent years, especially in Dallas. However, these numbers were preliminary and were actually revised in the early spring of the very same year. By then, the numbers had risen.

In total, construction workers in Dallas, Texas suffered 580 more deaths during a ten-year period than any other state in the country. The reason behind this significant statistic remains unclear. We mentioned the above causes for most workplace accidents, and those do reign true in the construction industry here in Texas.

National Statistics

Nationally, one of every ten construction workers will experience one injury every year. Furthermore, during a 45-year career, there is a one in 200 chance that a construction worker will die on the job. The reason for this? According to OSHA, fall protection standards are violated more than any other workplace safety regulation.

While these statistics are quite alarming, it’s important to understand that the Texas Department of Insurance reported that in sixty percent of work-related fatalities, the families do not receive any benefits from workers’ compensation or insurance policies. It’s important to hire an attorney in this case and fight for proper compensation.

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