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Attorney Todd R. Durham Knows the Financial Impact of Construction Accidents

Construction Accident Attorney Dallas TXIf you’re a heavy equipment operator, general laborer, roofer, electrician, carpenter, site manager, or in any other position that requires you to be on a construction site, you know that safety is a priority. If a construction accident is the cause of your injury, you may be entitled to recover for your damages. These include lost wages, medical expenses incurred, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering. The impact of an injury can be financially and emotionally devastating to you and your family. You should not pursue your claim by yourself. With a construction accident attorney, you can get maximum compensation for your injuries. You need the experience and knowledge of construction accident lawyer, Todd R. Durham who can help you hold the parties responsible for your injuries.

What are Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents?

A career in the construction field can be rewarding when performed safely and with proper training. However, many construction site accidents occur every single year, to both workers and civilians. If you’ve been injured in a construction site accident, you may want to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Most injuries are caused by unsafe working conditions. These are currently the most common causes of construction site accidents:

  • Incorrectly-installed stairwells or stairwells without handrails
  • Improper lifting methods (workers use their back muscles instead of their leg muscles)
  • Dump trucks, fork lifts, or other work vehicles
  • Lack of fall protection or lifelines for roof work
  • Inadequate eye or ear protection for power-tool work
  • Collapsing scaffolding

Lewisville Workers’ Compensation and Construction Accidents

If you are injured at a construction site, you can receive compensation by filing legal claims. However, your claim might be affected by compensation laws, employment situations, and to what extent your employer is responsible for the injuries. Lewisville workers’ compensation insurance is designed to cover employees who are injured on the job. Your company should carry coverage.

Under this coverage, you may use a company doctor for up to 30 years. After that, you may select a different doctor, but may require a written request to do so.

The severity of your injury will entitle you to varying amounts of compensation. For example, if you are permanently disabled, the amount and rate you receive depends solely on how limiting the disability is. Regardless, your first step should be to file a claim with your employer. You should do this as soon as possible; waiting may reduce your benefits and compensation.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are four main types of construction accidents, nicknamed the “Fatal Four:” falls, electrocution, being caught between equipment or machinery, and being struck by any object on the job. OSHA claims these types of accidents take the lives of around 500 construction workers per year.

  • Falling – In the construction industry, roofers, masons, and many other tradesmen work at immense heights. A single fall could permanently disable or kill a worker.
  • Electrocution – Just one spark is enough to start a chain reaction. It can shock anyone handling the electrical equipment.
  • Caught in Machinery – It’s easy to be careless with large machinery. Unfortunately, this means that far too many workers are accidentally pinned between pieces of equipment on a job site.
  • Hit by Objects – Should an object slide off a roof, or should a worker drop it from above, it can cause a fatal hit to the head.

Don’t Delay Filing a Construction Accident Claim in Lewisville TX

If you or a loved one were injured or killed while working on a construction site, you’re fully entitled to compensation for injuries, disabilities, or death. However, you do have a limited time to file a legal claim. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. The specific deadline that applies to your particular case will depend on the nature of the allegation. Furthermore, the law must examine the party responsible for any losses, which may take some time.

In Texas, you have two years from the date of your injury to file a personal injury claim. Now, two years is quite a generous amount of time. Most injured workers will have sufficient time to handle their medical care, rehabilitation, and paperwork well before the time expires. However, you shouldn’t risk passing the deadline. Don’t waste any time filing an accident claim.

Wrongful Death and Employer Liability in Lewisville TX

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), around 18.5% of workplace deaths in the country occur within the construction industry. In most situations, during the time following an untimely death, the family cannot even begin to think about a lawsuit. No lawsuit in the world will bring a family member or friend back. In the months following the tragic death, however, a legal remedy may provide the family critical support, especially if negligence can be proven.

The surviving family members can file a wrongful death and survivor action claim against the employer – should they be liable. To prove liability, the deceased worker’s family members need to show that the company did not provide a safe environment. This could be as simple as foregoing safety equipment. The team of legal professionals at The Durham Firm can help the family to establish a viable claim and get the compensation they deserve.

Filing a Fatal Construction Accident Claim

The body of law pertaining to construction cases is quite complex and requires the professional eye of an experienced attorney. On the most basic level, however, the death of a construction worker — specifically, a wrongful death caused by negligence — should result in damages awarded to the family.

Two distinct lawsuits typically arise when a construction worker dies on the job: a wrongful death claim and a survivor action. In most cases, the family files both claims. When it comes to wrongful death, the family will argue that the worker died due to negligence, that they had family relying on their income, and that the family has suffered financially because of the death. For a survivor action, on the other hand, the family may argue the worker died due to negligence, that they experienced pain and suffering before perishing, and that if the worker had survived, they would have sued the company.

Falling Objects

A falling object is unexpected and extremely dangerous. Many result in head injuries, rehabilitation, and perhaps even surgery. We are available to provide legal representation for anyone injured on the job by a falling object.

Electric Shocks

In the construction industry, electric shocks are commonplace while installing new wiring or a or other electrical components. In the event of a shock, seek medical attention quickly. Then, give us a call for the top personal injury attorney nearby.

Chemical Spills

If a chemical spill occurs while on the job, the injuries are often considerable. You may find yourself dealing with inhalation concerns, chemical burns, or worse. The medical bills alone will be extraordinarily high. You need proper damages, and we’ll fight for them on your behalf.

Equipment-Related Accidents

In an equipment-related accident, someone is responsible. To ensure your rights are not infringed upon and that you receive proper coverage for your injuries, our accident attorneys will work tirelessly to tackle your case and provide a favorable outcome.

Trench or Building Collapses

While on the job, a trench or building collapse could cost lives. While rare, these incidents do happen and cause countless injuries or deaths. If you’re injured, give us a call. We’ll take on your case.

Construction Accidents Sometimes Are No Accident

Employers might cut corners to get the job done as quickly as possible when construction projects are behind schedule. They are only concerned only about how much money they save. Sometimes, these shortcuts result in a dangerous work environment in which an accident or work-related fatality can occur. When profit overrides safety, there’s a greater chance you may be hurt in a construction related accident or have a loved one killed because of the negligence of others. The construction accident attorney Todd R. Durham is your legal advocate to pursue all financial avenues necessary to ensure you and your family is made whole, now and in the future.

An Experienced Construction Accident Attorney

Todd’s years of experience in personal injury accidents have proven invaluable in helping construction accident victims locate multiple financial sources for recovery for injuries, including workers’ compensation, and wrongful death. If your construction accident injury was a result of recklessness and negligence caused by the actions of another worker or the company, you might have a potential claim for your mental and physical pain and suffering.

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