Common Road Obstacles that Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Common Road Obstacles that Cause Motorcycle AccidentsMost of today’s cars and trucks can handle standard roadside obstacles. The weight of a typical vehicle gives drivers more control and stability. For motorcyclists, however, these hazards can be much more challenging to navigate, increasing the chance of an accident. As a rider, you should keep an eye out for the most common types of dangerous obstacles.

Six Common Obstacles

Rough roads- New construction, resurfacing, or lack of repair can cause road surfaces to be uneven, making it difficult to maintain control.

Wet and slippery surfaces- When roads are wet, icy, or even covered in leaves, the surface can become incredibly dangerous to motorcyclists. Oils, and other contaminants, make a road especially treacherous during the first hour of a rainstorm. Add other drivers to the mix, and the possibility of a head-on collision goes up.

Bridge joint gaps- When bridge sections are put together, a gap typically appears. This can be an issue for the rider who encounters it at posted speeds.

Edge breaks- These occur when two lanes of traffic are at different heights.  These often appear on freeways, where higher speeds are the norm.

Railroad crossings- Tires can get stuck in a track if not careful. Also, the risk of losing control increases if any of the metal or wood surfaces are wet.

Loose gravel- You can commonly find gravel on winding roads and in corners. This is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents each year.

Be Prepared and Protect Your Rights

When riders encounter these obstacles and get into accidents, they may have a claim against a private business, city, county, or state. This depends on who is responsible for maintaining the safety of the road. As a motorcyclist, you may be able to get damages for injury to you head, neck, chest or spinal cord. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, request a consultation with the Todd Durham Law Firm to understand your rights by dialing (214) 222-4000.

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