Car Accident Attorney in Lewisville TX

Despite the broad array of features insulating drivers from reality — ultra-quiet cabins, dashboard mounted and rear seat entertainment systems, climate control and more — traveling in an automobile can be risky. While there are laws and rules of common sense in place to ensure the safety of all travelers, accidents do happen. But just because you are unprepared for a collision doesn’t mean you have to be unprepared to assert your rights after the fact. With more than a decade of experience serving as a top car accident attorney in Lewisville TX, the Todd R. Durham Law Firm is uniquely positioned to provide the best representation for you.

As a young Lewisville TX auto accident lawyer, Todd Durham quickly made a name for himself thanks to his relentless advocacy for clients and his string of successes in the courtroom and through settlements. Whether working to help a family recover from a drunk driving accident or pursuing compensation for an auto accident injury caused by another driver’s negligence, Attorney Durham focuses on each client’s needs. The attorney’s research skills and effective representation have provided many courtroom victories and allowed the attorney to establish his own firm.

The Todd R. Durham Law Firm remains committed to in-depth research, client-focused service, and a willingness to go to court for the rights of those affected by automobile collisions. The firm has provided service for more than 14 years in the Denton, Lewisville, Collin and Tarrant County areas and has the experience and resources to fight for your rights. The firm’s practice in Lewisville has helped countless clients recover damages for property damage, personal injury, and pain and suffering associated with auto accidents and subsequent medical treatment.

Whether you need to recover lost wages from missed work or medical expenses from emergency room treatment, the Todd R. Durham Law Firm will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. The firm has insight into the judicial process thanks to its experience in this area and has earned the respect of the local legal community through hard work and success. Call 214-222-4000 for more information.