Bicyclist Killed in Drunk Driving Accident

drunk driving accidentOn October 18, bicyclist Raymond Lamar Ross was tragically killed in an accident that occurred along Highway 12 near Woodland Drive in Orange, TX. Ross was cycling when a 1994 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Ralph Bridwell struck him while driving at a high rate of speed. Authorities believe that Bridwell was attempting to pass a vehicle by using the right shoulder and struck Ross who was legally riding his bike on the shoulder. Ross was killed at the scene and Bridwell was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He was later released. Troopers are investigating the collision and believe that Bridwell was under the influence of alcohol when the crash occurred.

Bicycle Accidents: What to Do

Bicycle accidents are not uncommon, especially when there is not a protected bike lane for riding. Fatal injuries occur on highway roads or intersections, often when a cyclist is not wearing a helmet. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bike accident, there are some things that you need to do to protect yourself. Do the following:

  • Move– if possible, move to the side of the road so you are safely out of the way of traffic.
  • Call for medical assistance– if you are injured call 911 for medical assistance.
  • Call an attorney– an experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you file your insurance claim and get compensation quickly.
  • Save documents– save important medical documents, bills, and any other papers associated with your accident.

Never agree to settle for less than your case is worth. If the insurance company makes an offer, always run it by your attorney. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of injured or mourning family members.

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