Before You Sign Insurance Documents, Contact Todd R. Durham

Insurance Documents, Contact Todd R. DurhamA paper from an insurance company that requires your signature may seem simple when you first look at it. If it offers to pay you money for an injury you received, you may decide to accept it and sign the paper. Instead of signing away something that may have real value to you, ask an attorney at the Todd R. Durham Law Firm to read it. Attorneys who focus on accident services know what to look for in legal language.

Quite often, a letter from an insurance company is a release that gives them a loophole to avoid paying you what you are entitled to receive for a construction accident or work-related injuries. A letter like that is far from simple, and the insurance company is hoping that you did not go to law school. It may not seem fair to take advantage based on lack of knowledge, but you do have a chance to make it fair. You can have the best attorneys on your side.

Understanding legal fine print is hard to do, and that is one of the reasons that lawyers spend so many years in school. A Lewisville injury attorney is skilled in looking for legal loopholes. You can rely on the lawyers at the Todd R. Durham Law Firm for advice to keep you from making an expensive mistake. You are not expected to understand complicated legal terminology, but you do have a right to understand what you authorize with your signature.

When you are seeking compensation for work-related injuries with or without the help of an attorney, it is not a good idea to sign anything that affects your case without consultation. The insurance company may find a way to disallow your claim for a construction accident if you sign a document without the advice of an attorney.

Stay in touch with a Lewisville injury attorney when you are seeking compensation for your injuries. Call the Todd R. Durham Law Firm at 214-222-4000 to get advice on signing any document from an insurance company.