What Is the Average Cost of a Car Accident Attorney in North Texas?

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If you ever find yourself involved in a car accident, and someone else is at fault, you may want to hire an experienced car accident attorney in North Texas. This means doing a bit of research beforehand. You don’t want to call up just any office in the city; you could be hiring someone fresh out of college with little to no experience.

You need someone with a vast amount of experience dealing with local car accident cases. Additionally, you need to know what you’re paying. Let’s dive into the average cost of a car accident attorney in North Texas.


The most common method of hiring an accident attorney in North Texas is via contingency. When you hire an attorney on contingency, they work for free until you acquire a settlement or win the case in court. Then, the attorney takes a portion of the winnings as their fee for all the work provided on the case. Typically, the law office will handle any involved court fees or expenses, then deduct the total from your portion of the awarded money.

Many people advise against hiring a lawyer by the hour or one who requires a retainer. Why? You’ll probably wind up paying far more for their services than the average attorney.


The majority of car accident cases result in a settlement. The other driver’s insurance company wants to avoid a court case. It is unsightly and far costlier to pursue. Often, they will choose to settle with the victim rather than take the matter to court.

However, despite how common settlements are, it’s best to have your lawyer advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation for any injuries or property damage from the wreck. There are many law firms that are willing to charge less in the case of a settlement, especially since there are no court preparations required for an out-of-court settlement.

Is an Accident Attorney Worth the Cost?

Generally, an accident attorney is well worth the cost, depending on the severity of the injuries. The more serious the injuries and property damage, the more value you’ll find in hiring an experienced attorney. If you were only involved in a minor incident, then hiring an attorney would cost more than the repairs, so you should probably negotiate the settlement on your own.

If you required significant medical care and incurred large medical expenses after an accident, consider hiring an attorney in North Texas. The Durham Firm specializes in car accident cases and vows to help you receive a fair settlement. Call our office now to speak with an experienced car accident attorney at (214) 222-4000!

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