Winter Weather Car Accident Claims

Car Accident CalmWhen winter weather hits, roads get more dangerous. Increased rain, and icy bridges sharply increase car accidents every winter. If you have been in a winter weather car accident, there are some steps you should take to ensure that your claim for compensation will be taken seriously.

Stay Calm

If you have been in an accident, stay calm. Make sure that you are out of the way of existing traffic so you will not be at risk to be hit again. Don’t move if you feel pain in your neck or back, you may increase the damage caused by the accident.

Document Everything

Make a mental note of everything, and as soon as you can, write it all down. Take the other person’s information down as well as witnesses and any good Samaritans. Write down what you remember happened to cause the accident, the conditions in the road, the other person’s driving behavior, and any statements made by the other person afterwards.

See a Doctor

Even if you feel like your injuries are superficial, it is still worth going to see a doctor for a follow up just to get checked out. Some injuries that occur during a car accident don’t show themselves till days or weeks afterwards. Try to make an appointment as soon as possible so if there is an injury, it can be easily attributed to the accident and not anything you did after.

Meet With an Attorney

Call a few attorneys in your area who focus on car accident claims. Make an appointment to meet for a consultation. Pick one that you feel most comfortable with. An experienced attorney should listen intently and be able to let you know the next steps in filing your claim.

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