Where Are Personal Injury Suits Filed?

Where Are Personal Injury Suits Filed?When you have suffered a personal injury, you may feel a bit lost in the entire process. The whole court system can seem very intimidating to someone who is not used to being in that environment. That is why you need an attorney on your side to assist you with the filing process. Todd Durham Law Firm is the firm you need to help you get the compensation you are entitled to. We have no issues explaining the process to our clients. Here is a basic guide on where personal injury suits are filed and how you can move forward with your claim.

Where to File?

Personal injury suits are filed in civil court, as opposed to criminal. The court in which you would file depends on where your injury occurred, where you live, and what makes sense. This is called venue. State laws and circumstances determine if venue is proper in one county or state over another. Discussing the facts of your case can help your attorney determine where to file. If you file in the wrong location, your case can be dismissed, and all your efforts are wasted. That is why venue is so important!

How to File Your Case

When you are thinking of filing a case for personal injury, you need to have professional legal representation. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced attorney and going over the facts of your case. A good attorney will listen intently and then provide you with a legal strategy moving forward. They can advise you on where they will file your case and take care of all the necessary legal paperwork.

If you have been injured and need assistance in filing your personal injury case, contact Todd Durham Law Firm. Call (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation today!


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