What’s the Average Timeline of a Work Injury Case?

What's the Average Timeline of a Work Injury Case?When you have been hurt on the job, you may feel uneasy about how long it may take to resolve your case. You may be eager to get back your normal daily life but be unable to due to disability or significant financial strain. You need answers about how long things may take to resolve. Unfortunately, the timeline can vary wildly depending on the particular circumstances of your case. Here is the general timeline of a work injury case:

The Accident Occurs

You injure yourself at work and others may have witnessed what occurred. You may not feel pain right away, but it could take a day or two to discover that you have seriously hurt yourself.

Seek Medical Treatment

After you discover your injury, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication, physical therapy, or recommend you take a leave of absence from work to recover. You need to get everything your doctor says in writing for your records.

Consult an Attorney

While you may feel like your work has your best interest in mind, particularly if you get along with your co-workers, you still would want to seek the advice of an attorney. They would be able to look at the facts in your case, negotiate a fair settlement, and get you the money you need to return to your new routine.

File a Lawsuit

While you don’t always have to file a lawsuit, sometimes an employer or insurance company will refuse to pay. Your lawyer can help you navigate how the lawsuit will be filed and what you can expect.

Settlement Negotiation

The majority of cases never go to trial. Instead, many cases are settled through negotiations between your attorney and the other party. If you are successful, you will receive compensation for your injury. If they aren’t, you will have to go to trial to fight for the money you need to reimburse you for your damages.

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