What Should I Do After a Major Car Accident?

Major car collision. Todd R. Durham Law Firm.
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Car accidents are undoubtedly some of the most scarring events that we can experience in our lives. They happen so fast, and especially if you are hit by a negligent driver, it can feel as though it came out of nowhere. Because of how rapidly these things take place, you may not know exactly how to react afterwards – or what to do first. Here’s what you should do immediately after a major car accident, if you are able to.

Get Help Immediately

Regardless of whether or not the person who hit you was under the influence, or was in an improper state of mind for another reason, your first step is to seek medical attention for both of you. If either of you are unable to call an ambulance, it’s likely that a passerby will be able to call 911 for you. All drivers, along with any other members in the cars involved, should be examined by medical personnel, whether you think you need it or not. If you are unconscious, you will be transported to the hospital right away. If that’s the case, you will not be able to talk to the police, which should otherwise be your next step.

Getting Information From the Police

If you are conscious, alert and aware at the scene of your accident, and were not the cause of it due to recklessness, definitely speak to the police that come to your aid. The key at this point is to gather as much information as possible. If you pursue a case, this information is a must-have. Get the names and contact information of the police officers who helped you, and request a copy of the police report once it becomes available. Any and all information you can gather is of great value.

Find an Attorney

If you are the victim in this accident, and the entire reason for it was irresponsible action on the part of the other driver, you should have help with all of the costs you are now faced with. This could include the cost of your vehicle’s repairs, any physical therapy or further medical appointments – as well as time off from work that you may need to take. You are entitled to compensation, but you need a talented, reliable car accident attorney to help you prove your case. >

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