What Does it Cost to File a Suit?

Faq : What Does it Cost to File a Suit?When you are looking to file a lawsuit, you may ask yourself, “Do I have the money to pay for this?” Thankfully, the Todd Durham Law Firm has the answers you are looking for. It is widely known that lawsuits aren’t cheap. They can be very pricy and lengthy endeavors. The price to file a lawsuit depends on the type of suit you are filing and which court your lawsuit is filed in; it is also heavily dependent on the type of attorney you have hired and the terms of your client agreement.

Court Fees

When you file your lawsuit, the court charges a fee for you to do so. Depending on the type of case and the client fee agreement between you and your attorney, your attorney may front the costs of court fees on your behalf. If you win, the court costs will be deducted from your judgment or settlement.

Attorney’s Fees

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. This means the attorney covers all costs for litigation and they deduct their attorney’s fees and court fees after your get your judgment when you win. This allows everyone, even the indigent, to have access to the court system. It also means you do not have to pay attorney fees upfront.

Trial Fees

When you go to trial, you may have to pay fees for a variety of things. You may have to pay for expert witnesses, court reporters, and much more. Only a small percentage of cases end up in trial, but it is important that you discuss these costs with your attorney prior to making the decision to take your case to trial.

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