The Prevalence of Rollover Accidents

Rollover AccidentResults from a special study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that more than 37,000 fatalities and more than two million injuries occurred in a single year. This same study showed that, while rollover crashes accounted for only 3% of all crashes, they also accounted for but 33% of car accident fatalities. This is a particularly scary statistic, especially for drivers who commute in a danger-prone car, like an SUV or a truck.

Results of a Rollover Accident

For people who survive the crash, common injuries in rollover accidents occur to the head and neck. These injuries also occur in fatal accidents, where the head or neck injury can instantly kill the victim. However, injuries that do not result in death often leave victims with permanent and debilitating injuries, like brain and burn injuries. The NHTSA also notes that passengers are frequently ejected from a vehicle when it rolls over, accounting for 62% of fatalities and serious car accident injuries.

Long-Term Consequences of Injury

The lasting effects of injury to the head, neck, and brain require accident victims to endure long periods of expensive and arduous treatment. Often, these treatments still leave victims with permanent damage and change their lives forever.

Getting Compensation for Your Rollover Injuries

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