Slip and Fall Cases: The Fault of Both Property Owner and Victim?

Slip and Fall/Trip and FallSlip and fall accidents can happen at anytime. In fact, they are documented as the second highest leading cause of accidental death in the workplace. And one of the most obvious, yet often discussed parts of a slip and fall case is proving fault. The commonly asked question, ‘Who’s at fault?’ is something that all victims and property owners must be aware of.

Who’s Responsible?

Proving fault in any slip and fall case is not necessarily as easy at is may seem. Property owners have a duty to make sure that all of their premises are safe. If a property owner’s property is not safe, then the property owner can be at fault for a slip and fall case. Slippery floors are the most well-known types of unsafe property. Wet floor signs were created as a result of countless slip and fall cases.

On the other hand, lawyers also look at the the slip and fall victim’s comparative negligence in slip and fall cases. Comparative negligence means that lawyers look to see how clumsy or careless the person was who slipped and fell, and they evaluate how much both the property owner and the victim contributed to the slip and fall. If the person that slipped and fell contributed to their fall in any way, their case can possibly vary in fault percentages. For example, a person who was on their phone and not paying attention when they slipped and fell can be considered a victim who contributed to their own slip and fall case.

How We Can Help

The Todd Durham Law Firm has experience in all varieties of personal injury cases as well as expereicne in helping with slip and fall cases. We can help you maximize your settlements and get you the compensation you deserve.

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