Police Arrest Man Responsible for 2016 Hit and Run Accident

hit & run accident attorney lewisville, txIn April 2016, a man was left for dead following a fatal hit and run accident. The driver drove a white Nissan Murano and fled the scene. The victim, 51-year-old Gary Edward Nawrocki, was transported to the hospital and died later that night. Police now say they’ve arrested Raphael Orji, the driver of the Nissan Murano, as the key hit and run suspect. Orji was taken to the Dallas County jail and charged with failing to stop and render aid in an accident that resulted in death and tampering with evidence. He is currently out on bond.

What to Do after a Hit and Run

There are a few things you should do following a hit and run accident that will make the legal process a lot less stressful. Immediately after a hit and run accident, you should try to…

  • Write down the model, make, and license plate number of the hit and run driver
  • Locate possible witnesses and ask for their contact information
  • Document the accident by taking pictures of the scene, the location of the accident, and your car

Proper documentation and information will help your attorney come up with the best solution for your case.

How a Hit and Run Could Lead to a Wrongful Death

Hit and run accidents are typically hard to prevent because they happen so quickly. In severe cases, hit and run accidents can even lead to death and cause a family a great deal of loss and pain. Families who have had a family member die as a result of a hit and run accident can possibly pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to help with their pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers can help families who have lost their loved ones as a result of a hit and run accident by getting them compensation for…

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