Pedestrian Involved in Fatal Crash Involving Patrol Car

Pedestrian Involved in Fatal Crash Involving Patrol CarAt the end of November, a pedestrian was struck by a Fort Worth Patrol Car while on city streets. The victim, a 45-year-old man, was struck and killed by the police car. He, unfortunately, died at the scene of the accident, and a ruling on his death is still pending. An investigation into the fatal incident took place.

In an email, Officer Daniel Segura said: “It was considered a critical police incident, and as in every CPI, our major case unit and traffic investigation unit took the lead in the case. It is up to them (the officers involved) if they decide to take any personal time off.”

The two officers in the vehicle were traveling southbound along the 2700 block of Hemphill Street just after 7 p.m.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are all too common these days. Everyone has somewhere to be, and they often forego safety precautions to get there. When that happens, someone is bound to be injured. That is perhaps not the case with this particular incident, but most accidents in general.

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Wrongful Death

No amount of money can bring back a deceased loved one. However, there must be accountability for an accident where one driver was at fault. Whether it was due to negligence, drinking, or texting on a cell phone, someone is liable for damages.

We’ll fight on your behalf to ensure justice is served in the event of a wrongful death. The right lawyer can secure a proper settlement that you and your family deserve!

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