Important Information About Car Accident Claims

Immediately following a car accident, emotions are running wild, and everyone is stressed. You likely require medical attention, which should be your first concern. After you seek help, only then consider speaking with an attorney and filing an insurance claim. We are here to help drivers easily handle their car accident claims.

Immediately After

We spoke on what to do quickly following an accident previously. You want to seek medical attention if required. You may wait for an ambulance to arrive, which may be your best option. The police will want a statement, depending on the severity of the accident, and EMTs are never far behind.

Once that is done, your insurance company will want to know about the incident. It is best to provide specifics of the accident. Take pictures, write down witness contact information, and generally be as helpful as possible. The easier time they have investigating the crash, the more likely you are to receive a favorable outcome.

It is often a smart move to speak with an attorney, too. Insurance companies are occasionally troublesome to deal with. An experienced attorney makes the process smooth and straightforward.

Filing Your Claim

When it comes to filing your claim, the insurance company will want to determine what happened for themselves. They will likely send a claims adjuster to the premises to speak with witnesses, examine police reports, and check out the damage for themselves.

Every situation is different, though. When costly repairs and medical treatments are required, you will absolutely want an attorney on your side!

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