How to Be a Smart Pedestrian This Winter

Smart Pedestrian This WinterDuring the holidays, you are probably out and about more often than usual. There are parties, holiday shopping, and events to attend. With more people walking through busy intersections, there are unfortunately more instances of pedestrian accidents. Todd R. Durham has helped countless clients with their pedestrian injury claims. Sometimes injuries cannot be avoided, but taking the right precautions can lower your risk. Here are a few ways you can be a smart pedestrian this winter.

Be Aware

The first step in being a smart and safe pedestrian is to be conscious of your surroundings. Don’t text while walking across the street or through a parking lot. Be on alert for drivers that may not be able to see you, or may be driving too fast to stop in time for you to cross. You will be amazed at how many drivers don’t watch out for pedestrians, even in areas where people are known to be passing through.

Wear Bright Colors

If you are going to be out at night, try to wear something that will make you visible to other vehicles. While you don’t have to wear reflective stripes or vests, a brightly colored jacket will work to make you seen by drivers, especially at night.

Use Protected Crossings

While it isn’t always available, try your best to cross at protected crossings. A protected crossing is where you have a crosswalk sign or light that can make your presence known to other vehicles. Don’t jaywalk or step out into the road where vehicles aren’t going to expect you– that is a sure way to get injured.

If you are hit by a negligent driver while you are crossing the street, contact Todd R. Durham. Call (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation and discuss your case. He can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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