How Helmets Protect Your Head in an Accident

How Helmets Protect Head an AccidentHelmets undergo tests at the Snell Memorial Foundation to scientifically evaluate how well they perform. A testing environment does not precisely match conditions that cause an accident. Results of Snell tests show that you are safer when you are wear a helmet. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm focuses on accident defense services, and the attorneys may help you get compensation for injuries from a fall or a crash.

How Helmets Help You

One of the benefits of wearing a helmet is the cushioning it provides your head on impact. When your head hits the road, the jolt to your brain can cause a serious injury.

The Snell Foundation is a leader in promoting helmet safety, and it independently tests products made by all manufacturers. As a not-for-profit organization, its evaluations are considered unbiased. If you can avoid a traumatic brain injury by wearing a helmet, you may want to take advantage of the safety that it affords.

Helmets for motorcyclists are probably one of the better known types of head protection, but a helmet is available for every type of impact sport. The designs for helmets vary according to the type of sport, including:

  • bicycling
  • skateboarding
  • snowboarding
  • skiing
  • rollerblading
  • equestrian events

High Incidence of Head Injury

According to the Snell Foundation, head injuries involving bicycles send more people to the hospital than those resulting from many other sports combined, including football, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse, and others. A Lewisville injury attorney can help you recover compensation for your injuries, property damage, and loss of wages if the statistical data includes what happened to you.

Prevention as a Better Alternative

Wearing helmets is widely regarded as not desirable by cyclists or other sports enthusiasts who hope to avoid involvement in a harmful event. No one expects to have an accident, but mishaps do tend to occur more frequently as the risk of danger in a sport increases. By taking preventive measures, you can improve your chance to have a safe ride. Call the Todd R. Durham Law Firm at 214-222-4000 when you need a Lewisville injury attorney.