High-Speed Car Chase Ends in Six-Car Crash

Roanoke Accident

Earlier this month, Fort Worth police officers responded to calls about an individual driving a stolen vehicle. Upon intercepting the car, police officers witnessed the driver become erratic, leading them on a significant high-speed chase. The results of the chase ended in a six-car accident. It took just 10 minutes for this car chase to culminate in multiple injuries. Four were taken to the hospital, while the two suspects were also brought in for treatment.

Thankfully, no one died as a result of the incident.

Why You Need an Attorney

In a case like this, those liable – the stolen vehicle’s driver – would be at complete fault for the injuries and damage caused. Everyone involved in the accident can file a lawsuit against the individual. Each of the people who received medical attention would be stuck with costly medical debt, rehabilitation, medication, and loss of work hours. With that in mind, you need someone who can fight the legal battle on your side. Most people don’t know enough about the law to battle in court.

When You Call

At Todd Durham Law Firm, we act as quickly as possible to ensure you receive the right representation for your case. You will be met with personally to review the case, and you won’t pay a single dime until a settlement has been reached. Lastly, the firm will represent you in all dealings with the insurance company and those liable for the accident. This can be a hectic time, and we fully understand that, so hire representation that works for you.

Our law firm will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest possible settlement that you are entitled to. Your damages, medical bills, and loss of work hours will be covered in full.

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If you were injured in a vehicular accident like the one detailed above, call Todd Durham Law Firm today for a consultation appointment. You can reach us at (972) 362-0046.

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