Here’s How to Avoid Massive Surprise Medical Bills

Medical Bills Attorney Dallas, TXThere’s nothing worse than suffering an injury, recovering, and receiving a surprise medical bill months later. Surprise medical bills can lead to bankruptcy and have other detrimental effects. Typically, surprise medical bills happen when an out-of-network provider sends a bill for their services.

Prevent Surprise Medical Bills Before They Happen

Preventing surprise medical bills before they happen is the easiest way to eliminate financial problems following your surgery. You can prevent surprise medical bills by…

  • Avoid out-of-network hospitals – Generally speaking, if you have a medical emergency, you are going to go to the nearest hospital with an open bed. However, that’s not always the best solution. In the case of a planned surgery or even a medical emergency, try to find a medical provider that’s in your network and within your coverage plan.
  • Know your plan’s official name – A lot of healthcare insurers have multiple plans under a similar name. If you don’t know the exact coverage you have, you can end up with surprise medical bills.
  • Ask for the names of your providers and if they’re in your plan’s network – Sometimes the anesthesiologist who helped with your operation may not be included in your plan’s network, and you can receive a hefty bill after the operation. Make sure to ask all of the providers if they are in your plan.

After You’ve Received the Medical Bill

While your top priority should be to avoid surprise medical bills before they happen, there are a couple of ways to try and avoid medical bills after they happen. For one, check to make sure the provider is really not in your network. Some banks make mistakes, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, be sure to do some research to find out how much your procedure costs in your area. If the amount billed to you is too high, you can talk to your insurer about a reimbursement plan.

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