Driving Safely With Summer Road Construction

Road Construction Road construction is a necessary evil, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Summertime is filled with this type of activity, making it very dangerous if you’re not completely aware of your surroundings at all times when you are behind the wheel. Here are a few tips to avoid a potentially tragic accident when you’re on a highway or any other type of road that is undergoing any type of work.

Road Construction Accident Statistics

Road construction accidents are far too common. According to the U.S Department of Transportation, nearly 90,000 accidents occurred in work zones in 2010 alone. More than 37,000 people were hurt in these accidents, equating to one injury every 14 minutes across the country. Nearly 550 people were killed in these kinds of accidents in 2012.

Staying Safe in a Work Zone

Whether you’re driving across country on a vacation or you’re simply driving across town, you need to pay attention when you see the orange, diamond-shaped signs that inform you that you’re about to enter a construction zone. You not only need to slow down, you need to look for obstacles, machinery and workers. If you don’t reduce your speed and a police officer pulls you over, your fine will likely be double what it would normally be.

Never try to run over or around any orange barrel or cone in a road construction zone. Not only will this damage your vehicle a great deal more than you might think, you’ll be putting the lives of construction workers in jeopardy.

If you’re driving on asphalt that has recently been laid down, you will hear odd noises coming from the bottom of your vehicle. This is simply due to small pieces of asphalt bouncing off of your fenders. You will also encounter a lot of rough pavement as well as sudden dips and bumps. Watch your speed closely or you could risk doing serious damage to your car.

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