Differences Between Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Cases

proving fault slip and fall casesWhether it’s a slip and fall on a spilled soda in the aisle of a grocery store, or a trip and fall over unkept property, we all know someone who has been hurt in a slip or trip accident. But knowing the similarities and differences between these two types of injuries can be a world of help when trying to seek legal recourse. Here’s just some of what makes slip and falls and trip and falls similar and unique.

Unique: The Types of Injuries They Cause

While slip and fall situations are known to cause injuries to the neck, hips, back, or head thanks to a common backwards-type fall, trip and fall situations tend to impact hands, arms, knees, and other joint areas because of forward motion.

Similar: They Often Impact Vulnerable Populations

Both slip and falls and trip and falls often unfortunately target our most vulnerable populations: young children, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. Because many of the victims of these horrible circumstances aren’t able to properly brace or defend themselves before hitting the ground, they can often end up with life-altering or even life-threatening injuries.

Unique: Their Causes and Conditions

Slip and falls tend to be caused by lack of friction on smooth or inclined surfaces. This can include standing water, ice, or loose/unsecured rugs. Alternatively, trip and falls are usually caused by out-of-place or hazardous objects like cords, boxes, or cleaning buckets in areas that get significant traffic.

Similar: An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you, a loved one, or anyone in your life is hurt in either a slip and fall or trip and fall accident and don’t know where to turn, an experienced attorney can make all the difference. The Todd Durham Law Firm has years of experience representing clients in personal injury and accident cases. And you pay no fees, no court costs, and no expenses unless you recover on your settlement. If you’ve been injured or want to talk to a professional attorney, call (972) 362-0046 or contact us today.

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