Depositions and Your Personal Injury Case

Depositions and Your Personal Injury CaseWhenever you have suffered a personal injury and are pursuing the claim with an attorney, you may have to go to a deposition. This is common way to collect information about what happened. Here are a few basics facts about what to expect in a deposition for your personal injury case.

What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a process in which the other side’s attorney will ask you questions and you provide a simple concise answer. Your attorney is present and there is a court reporter who is there typing out everything that is said. Sometimes depositions are recorded with a video camera, but not always.

What Questions Are Asked?

This depends on the case but there are general questions that you can expect that will be asked. They will start by gathering general information about you like your full name. They may ask about your physical abilities before the accident, the circumstances around the accident itself, and how it has impacted you.

How Should I Answer?

If you have hired an experienced attorney, they will be able to walk you through how to answer deposition questions. Generally answers are short and to the point. You want to give them only the information that is asked for. Pause after the question is asked so if it is a badly formed question, your attorney can object. If you don’t understand a question, it is ok to say so and have them rephrase the question so you can answer accurately.

Pace Yourself and Stay Comfortable

It is ok to take a break to refresh yourself. Depositions can be very stressful and can last sometimes for hours. If you are feeling a bit run down, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a short break.

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