Dealing With a Head Injury in a Work Compensation Claim

Work Compensation ClaimA work compensation claim, especially when it involves a head injury, can be extremely complex. This type of accident can be debilitating, leaving the victim unable to work for weeks or months – or maybe never again. If you or someone close to you has been injured in this manner on the job, you will need to get the help of an attorney as soon as possible to make sure your rights are protected.

When to Get Help for a Work Compensation Claim

There are several reasons why an accident can take place that results in a work compensation claim for a head injury. These include slip-and-fall accidents, malfunctioning equipment, falling objects and many others. A head injury can result in a loss of consciousness as well as long-term problems such as nausea, blurred vision and a loss of balance. It can even be fatal in many instances.

After securing medical help, your first priority should be talking to an attorney who can represent you or a loved one who has been hurt. You may need to file a work compensation claim in order to obtain money to pay for medical bills, therapy and other accident-related expenses. But these claims can be very difficult to fill out properly, and if you make even a seemingly minor mistake that could seriously damage your case.

Attorney Todd Durham has a great deal of experience in this area of the law, and can help with your work compensation claim. If you have any reason to believe you are not getting fair compensation for the injury you have suffered, Durham can work on your behalf to make sure you are treated fairly. Please get in touch with us by contacting us online or giving us a call at (214) 222-4000. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation.

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