How to Deal With Medical Bills After An Accident

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Enduring an accident of any type can be traumatic. Few of us know what to do when we’re involved in one. Emotions begin to run wild. If you’ve been injured, the incident is even more troublesome. Medical bills start to pile up. What are you to do? Who is going to pay those exorbitant medical costs? Health care costs are on the rise. Now it’s time you learn how to handle your medical bills.

Who Pays?

It’s a common misconception by many that their attorney will pay for medical bills until the insurance settlement comes through. This is false, though. Your attorney will help keep track of all bills during the proceedings, but they are not paying them. That’s your responsibility.

If you have damage to your vehicle, either your or the other party’s insurance provider will cover the damage rather quickly. Medical bills are another story altogether, though.

Should the other driver be found guilty of negligence, their insurance company will be liable for all additional medical costs. These costs will be paid in a single settlement. The insurance provider may even offer money early in the proceedings, while you’re still recovering. You should reject this offer, though. If you accept, you release the other driver and insurance company of responsibility. Basically, they won’t pay another dime.

Insurance is Confusing

Insurance is an incredibly confusing industry.  Most providers design their coverage plans to protect their own incomes, not yours. You’ll want a legal professional on your side. Someone with experience in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

With an attorney fighting for your case, you’ll have an easier time dealing with medical bills overall.

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