Dallas Ranks High on List for Postal Carrier Dog Bites

Ranks High List Postal Carrier Dog Bites LewisvilleThe U.S. Postal Service recently released a list of the Top 30 U.S. cities where carriers are bitten by dogs. Of the more than 5,500 dog attacks that occurred last year, 45 of them took place in Lewisville. Although that doesn’t sound like a big portion of the total number of attacks, Lewisville still ranks No. 7 on the list. This article provides some very helpful information on how to keep your dog from adding to that total – and save yourself a potentially large legal problem in the process.

According to the article and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year – and half of them are children. The Postal Service provides some important tips that will help keep your dog from being a part of this disturbing statistic.

Keeping Your Dog from Attacking

  • If you see a letter carrier delivering a package or mail to your door, make sure your dog is in a separate room before you open the front door. Some dogs are so anxious to get to strangers they’ve been known to break through screen doors or even plate-glass windows.
  • Make sure you tell your children how important it is to keep the family dog secured. Tell them not to take mail from carriers in front of the dog, as your pet may see that as a threatening gesture of some sort.
  • If a carrier feels threatened by your dog, you may have to pick up your mail at the Post Office until the carrier is assured that your pet has been properly restrained and the threat of dog bites has been eliminated. The same is true if your dog roams the neighborhood.

Dog bites are not only painful and dangerous, they can lead to very serious legal problems as well. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog attack, please contact The Todd R. Durham Law Firm online or call us at 214-222-4000.