Bicycling to Work? Top Safety Tips

Bicycling to WorkWhether you plan on bicycling to work in the coming weeks or you already do so on a regular basis, it’s imperative that you completely understand how to stay safe during your commute. There are far too many instances where cyclists are severely injured or killed due to the negligence of motorists. But if you take the right precautions, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to avoid becoming another statistic.

Ride With Traffic When Bicycling to Work

It’s always better that you ride with traffic flow rather than against it, whether your bicycling to work or anywhere else. You are much more likely to be hit by an oncoming vehicle than one coming up from behind you. Not only will motorists be able to see you more easily, you’ll be more predictable. This is especially the case when you are at an intersection. In addition, stay on a straight line rather that trying to weave around cars, and always use the right hand signals when you stop or make a turn.

Stay Off of the Sidewalk

You might think it would be safer to stay on sidewalks whenever possible, but responsible motorists keep their eyes on the road – not the sidewalk. If there’s a bike lane available, always stay in it whenever you can.

Be Alert to Road Obstacles

There are a lot of obstacles that can cause you to lose your balance and crash when you’re bicycling to work. Often times, a cyclist who falls in traffic will be hit by oncoming traffic, making an already bad situation even worse – possibly tragically worse. Look for problems such as gravel, trash, rocks, storm grates and wet leaves.

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