Am I Entitled to Compensation After a Bus Accident in North Texas?

A bus accident has its own rules and regulations to consider.
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Despite the overall situation, vehicular accidents can differ greatly. There is more than injuries and personal property damages to consider. For instance, an accident attorney will handle an incident with an 18-wheeler much different from a hit-and-run in Texas. The same goes for a bus accident. The situation calls for a different approach. Still, you may be entitled to compensation following a bus accident in North Texas. Buses operate under different state laws than passenger vehicles, such as your car or truck, and are regulated differently, too. There are laws in place determining how much you can sue for and what factors make a difference in the case.

Bus Regulations

According to Texas law, city buses, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are used for different purposes. As such, bus regulations are based on overall weight and passenger capacity. If a bus is carrying more than 15 passengers, there are certain rules and insurance policies in place. If there are fewer than 15 passengers per bus, a different set of rules and insurance policies come into play. It can be quite confusing, which is why you need an experienced accident attorney.

Government-Owned Buses

A government-owned bus is part of a large network servicing the entire city, county, or region. As a subsidized public service, it is not a for-profit business. It is for the public. Therefore, city buses are technically owned by the general public. Because of this, these buses have a certain protection from lawsuits, even if the bus driver is negligent or at-fault.

Privately-Owned Buses

A privately-owned bus providing transportation is considered a for-profit business. Examples of privately-owned buses include charter buses, city shuttles, and tour buses. These are not owned by the city or government. As such, they can be sued for negligence or fault for an accident.

Bus Accident Compensation

Whether you were struck by a government-owned bus or otherwise, you have legal rights and regulations protecting you. These same rights and laws will also ensure you receive fair compensation if you can prove the incident.

For a lawsuit against a privately-owned bus company, you must provide proof of negligence. You need to show the bus driver had a duty and breached that duty, leading to an accident or injury.

For a government-owned bus, you must prove the driver or company was government owned under the Texas Tort Claims Act (TTCA). Then, you must establish a duty owed by the bus and its driver, and that that duty was breached.

These reasons detail why filing a lawsuit for compensation following a bus accident is so confusing. You’ll want to speak with an experienced accident attorney promptly to ensure you have a fighting chance.

If you need an attorney experienced with bus accidents in North Texas, please call The Durham Firm at (214) 222-4000. We are happy to discuss your case and determine how best to approach the situation.

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