5 Most Common Work Injury Claims

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Every month, workers find themselves in a predicament. People get hurt while they’re working! It doesn’t matter if the injury is due to negligence or is simply accidental; for many, a simple work injury can change their lives. Even when insurance can offer protection, many people are intimidated by the idea of filing a claim. Even the most stalwart of workers may require legal expertise to guide them through the process. First, you should know the country’s most common work injuries.


In many industries, pulling, lifting, pushing, or carrying is part of the job. Overexertion is a consistent cause of workplace injury. It is also the most expensive to handle. You must be able to prove overexertion due to on-the-job demands.

Slip and Fall

The second most common type of injury in the workplace is caused by slip and fall accidents. When floors are wet and slippery, someone could easily lose control of themselves. Furthermore, misplaced product or equipment can be a tripping hazard.

Falling from Heights

Many workers — such as those in construction — have to work at varying heights. If secure footing and preventative measures are not put in place, a fall can lead to significant injury or even death.

Falling Objects

In manufacturing facilities and construction sites, the risk of a falling object striking a worker below is great. One misplaced tool, bucket, or piece of material could lead to great bodily harm.

Vehicular Accidents

Many of us drive as a result of our work. Being behind the wheel comes with its risks, but doing so on a job site increases the chances of an accident. People are often walking about, minding their own business and not paying attention.

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