4 Myths about Rehabilitation Programs

When you realize that you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you may enter into a rehabilitation program either by your own volition or by court order. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding rehabilitation programs. It is important that when you are looking into rehab that you know what to look for. Todd R. Durham is ready to bust the most common myths surrounding rehabilitation programs.

1. All Rehabilitation Programs Are All the Same

It is a common misconception that all rehab centers use the same methods for everyone. In reality, recovery is very different for each and every person. Good rehab programs will custom tailor their program to each and every client. Many people react differently to different treatments. Healthcare workers will assist in figuring out the best method for you.

2. Drug Rehab Programs Don’t Work

While addiction is often a difficult disease to treat, many rehabilitation programs are very effective. A well-structured program can reduce drug and alcohol abuse by up to 60 percent. It also can help prevent criminal behavior that occurs due to addiction such as driving under the influence.

3. You Have To Reach “Rock Bottom” First

Many people believe that you have to hit rock bottom before entering into a rehab program. However, the majority of people enter rehabilitation programs well before that point. This can help them make a full recovery before causing damage to their health and their family.

4. You Have to Go Voluntarily

Although people who go willingly into rehabilitation programs tend to do better, there are a number of addicts that benefit from being placed into a center by family or by the court. It doesn’t matter how a person gets to a program, the important point is that they are getting the help they need.

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