18-Wheeler Crash Kills One in Arlington

Common Causes of Truck AccidentsIn March 2017, an 18-wheeler crash left one person dead in North Arlington. Arlington police determined that the driver of a sanitation truck was going too fast when trying to make a right turn. The truck flipped onto its side and then slid into an 18-wheeler. A dump truck traveling behind the semi-truck was also involved in the accident. The driver of the sanitation truck was killed.

All-Too Familiar

This is just the latest example of a tragic accident involving large trucks. While this 18-wheeler crash wasn’t the fault of the driver of the big rig, there are far too many instances where drivers as well as other parties are responsible for tragic accidents.

In many instances, big rig drivers can be fatigued due to being on the road too long without taking the proper rest breaks as mandated by law. Sometimes they are distracted due to texting or performing some other task that takes their attention off of the road. Other times, an 18-wheeler crash can be due to negligence on the part of the carrier. For example, a trucking company may fail to perform the proper maintenance on a semi-truck and an accident can be the result. Some carriers, in an effort to save money, cut corners on safety. When this happens and an accident results, they must be held accountable.

The manufacturer of a defective part is sometimes to blame for an 18-wheeler crash. It could be a company that manufactured the brakes that failed at the wrong time, or the manufacturer of a faulty tire that blew out and caused a devastating accident. Again, that manufacturer must be forced to pay whenever it is to blame for an accident that leads to a death or injury.

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