Arrest Made in Fatal Pedestrian Accident Case in Dallas

Hit And Run VictimsA man confessed to a pedestrian accident in Dallas that killed a 23-year-old woman in March. The woman died when she was struck by a vehicle in the Uptown area of the city. The man was arrested in Oklahoma for the hit-and-run death after local authorities noticed the vehicle involved in the incident. This is yet another example of how the negligence of a driver can lead to a tragedy.

Your Rights After a Pedestrian Accident

Drivers of all kinds of vehicles are more distracted than ever these days. Whether they’re texting or talking on their cell phones, changing the station on their radio or simply being reckless, the chances of a pedestrian accident occurring have never been higher. Even a momentary lapse of concentration on the road can lead to devastating consequences.

People who have either been injured or tragically lost a loved on in this type of accident need to be aware of their rights. An experienced attorney can help obtain a fair settlement offer from the at-fault party, whether the accident occurred due to running a stop sign or a red light, being distracted, failing to yield or any other reason.

It is very important that victims know what types of compensation they may be able to obtain under Texas law. They may be able, for example, to recover both non-economic and economic damages, and, in some cases, even punitive damages. “Damages” are the expenses that are incurred due to an accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and many others. However, you have to hire an attorney who will be able to prove your case so that you have the best possible chance of obtaining the compensation to which you’re entitled.

The Durham Law Firm has handled pedestrian accident cases for many years, working on behalf of people who have been hurt due to the negligence of a driver as well as those who have lost loved ones. If you’d like to learn how we may be able to help you, please contact us online or call (214) 222-4000.

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