Experience Animal Attack Attorney in Lewisville, TX

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

Animal Attack Attorney Lewisville, TXAn animal attack can be one of the scariest things someone goes through in their life. There is a feeling of complete lack of control. Your life is in the hands of an animal that lacks any sense of remorse. It is an animal owner’s responsibility to see that their animal is either well trained or restrained and unable to hurt others. The owner of the animal should be held responsible for your damages. Make sure to contact an animal attack attorney as soon as you are able after your injury. Call the Law Offices of Todd R. Durham for help with filing your animal attack case.

Medical Bills, Lost Wages, and Pain & Suffering

Animals can inflict severe damage when they attack. As a result, you have likely incurred significant medical bills from your injuries. Due to the pain from the attack, you may have had to miss work, and have constant pain, disability, and disfigurement. You should not have to be financially responsible for all the damages inflicted by someone else’s pet. Todd R. Durham is an experienced animal attack attorney who has helped his clients recover maximum compensation for their injuries. Todd is here to assist you in getting back on your feet.

Don’t Sign Any Agreement

If someone else’s animal has attacked you, they may want you to sign an agreement against filing suit. Do not sign any type of agreement without discussing it thoroughly with your attorney. Some of the tactics that negligent parties use can be downright despicable. It’s important to understand that the only person who has your best interest in mind is your attorney. Call Todd R. Durham today to discuss your animal attack case.

If an animal in the Lewisville or Fort Worth area has attacked you, call Todd R. Durham to discuss your case, free of charge! Contact us or call (214) 222-4000.