18-Wheeler Crash Shuts Down I-35W

18-Wheeler Crash Shuts Down I-35WCBS DFW reported that a semi-trailer truck caused a massive car accident that left drivers stranded on I-35W for hours. At 6:00 a.m., the big rig hit a pickup truck, sending the truck barreling into two other cars. Eventually, the 18-wheeler became stuck on the center barricade, further complicating the accident scene. One person has been severely injured. The name of the individual has not been released for privacy reasons. The accident caused all traffic to cause a complete standstill that took hours to clear up.

Truck Accidents

The weight difference between a regular vehicle and a truck is huge. That difference can cause some serious damage to both you and a car. People involved in truck accidents often have a long-lasting or permanent disability. This means years and years of physical therapy and treatment, which does not come cheap. You need the help of an experienced attorney who can help get you proper compensation to cover your damages.

How to Get Proper Compensation

The first step in getting compensated after your accident is talking to an attorney. Todd Durham has helped countless clients get the money they deserve after being injured by negligence. You don’t have to approach your case by yourself or settle due to pressure from the insurance company. You deserve a legal representative to fight for your rights.

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