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Reputation, Trust, & Results

Knowing you can trust your attorney in Arlington can relieve some of the stress you may be encountering after your accident. Attorney Todd R. Durham stakes his reputation on being a legal advocate you can trust and believe in. Equally important is the ability to measure results.  Todd R. Durham has gotten his clients winning results countless times and he can help you with your injury claim or wrongful death matter. The Law Office of Todd R. Durham has helped individuals and families throughout the State of Texas get the justice and proper compensation they deserve.

Auto Accident Attorney

There are more cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUV’s, and buses on the road today than ever before. With so many more distractions (cell phones, GPS systems, video, etc.) taking drivers attention from the road, the odds of a car, bus, motorcycle, SUV, and truck accident increase. If you’re in an accident you need to contact an experienced car accident attorney first.  Attorney Todd R. Durham can advise you on the best strategy for dealing with your injuries, damages, and other issues you may face.

Personal Injury Issues

You can’t go anywhere in public today, even Arlington, TX, feeling sure that you won’t run into unexpected danger resulting in personal injury. While riding your motorcycle down the street you also have a good chance of being involved in a debilitating motorcycle accident. Take a ride as a passenger on a city bus and hope that you make it to your destination because if you've read the headlines lately, there are a lot more bus accidents happening that result in serious personal injuries. Personal injury accidents are happening more frequently because of the negligent actions, or inactions, of individuals or companies. If you suffer a personal injury, get legal advice before you talk to your insurance company and DO NOT sign any papers because you may be signing your rights away.

Work Place Injuries

In Texas, there are over 250,000 work related injuries every year. The odds are very good that during your working years you will be involved in a work accident. With more increasing indifference and negligence being displayed in the work place, you need to know what to do if you become injured. The person that will help you sort out these issues is your trusted personal injury attorney Todd R. Durham.

Premise Liability Matters

If you suffered an injury on someone’s property due to their lack of maintaining safe conditions, you may hold them liable for any injuries you received. Slip and fall, dog bites, and negligent security, are just a few of the types of injuries that result in premise liability lawsuits. A premises liability case might arise against owners not only of commercial property, but private residences, vacant lots, and many other types of properties.

You need justice and complete compensation when you’ve been wronged, or injured. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm is on your side.  His reputation, experience, and proven results precede him. Contact Todd today and discuss your car accident injury, or other personal injury, by filling out the online evaluation form, and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, or call 214-222-4000.